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Terms, Conditions & Policies

COVID-19 requires innovation on our behalf to complete skills to the best of our ability while complying with legislation.


Dog must attend each session on a flat collar or harness and attached to their lead - our training methods are positive and force free and we will not accept check or choker chains. We teach them, we don't choke them! Retractable leads can be dangerous, please use a regular lead.


All prices are inclusive of GST. 


If your program has commenced, refunds do not apply however, if your dog is anxious and the group program is not suitable, the money paid will be transferred towards private tuition. Not all dogs can manage the group environment, that's ok, we will work through this one together. 

Children - I have always encouraged young peoples attendance but not in this current climate - this will be lifted as soon as our laws permit it - I will miss this component of our training.

Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. Please ensure your children stay with you and not approach other dogs without asking permission from the dog’s handler. Children under the age of 10 years must remain on the seat provided and cannot control the dog's lead at any time.


Closed in footwear must be worn in all training classes.

Weather policy

All participants in each training session must be comfortable and free from stress

Training is cancelled when:

     The temperature is 35c or more at 5pm as per the Australian Bureau of Meteorology


     It is raining steadily or is stormy (thunder and lightning) at our training venue

Cancellation will be made 2 hours before your session commences and notification will be via sms, please monitor your mobile telephones prior to arrival.

Vaccination policy

Adult dogs attending group training must have current C5 vaccination, proof to be presented prior to first lesson.

Parasite policy

All canines – including companion animals residing in same household - must be wormed with an Allwormer two weeks before attending training sessions.

Physical Wellbeing

All dogs and puppies attending classes must be free from pain always:

  • All dogs and puppies must have the ability to train free of pain with full mobility;
  • Permanent disability participation with modified program at trainer’s discretion is available;
  • Recent medical procedures must have veterinarian clearance;
  • If injury occurs or illness is present, you maybe asked to leave.

Entire bitches policy

Owner must advise if they suspect cycle has begun, cease current training program immediately and training will commence at no additional fee 8 weeks after cycle has finished or with veterinarian clearance.

Pregnant bitches should not attend training during pregnancy and after delivery of puppies without veterinarian clearance.