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Puppy classes, small groups, 5 lesson per program

Your dog will graduate with basic understanding of the following:

    • Response to name

    • Eye contact with mild distractions

    • Introduction of lead manners

    • Beginnings of Come when called under minor distractions

    • Sit for greeting

    • Allow handling, grooming and restraint

    • Beginnings of Leave objects when asked

    • Walk close to cross a road

    • Stay briefly in position

    • Appropriate on-lead manners around dogs and people

You will understand:

    • How dogs learn

    • Positive reinforcement training

    • Motivators

    • Basic healthcare

    • Appropriate handling and restrain of your dog

    • Dog body language

    • Environmental enrichment

    • Management and strategies for problem behaviours

    • On-lead management around other dogs

    • Realistic expectations – not all dogs are Lassie

    • Recognition of anxiety and behaviour problems

Customized Short Programs - online courses available shortly

-Customized training plans will review your home for improvements whilst accommodating mobility and ability.

• Expecting a puppy - improve their introduction to your home

• Expecting a baby and live with an adult dog – lets prepare your companion for a smooth transition

• One-on-one guidance to improve undesired behaviours

• Walk this Way – walking on pubic pathways combined with café etiquette (when social distancing no longer applies)

• Greeting Manners (when social distancing no longer applies)

• At your request 

Prepare before you bring them home plus guidance during the first week

Your dog has loved you for years, help them by preparing the household before the human baby arrives

Natural puppy instincts, guiding positive and acceptable interaction


The Delta Institute Canine Good Citizen Award 

This program will help strengthen the bond with your dog and teach better communication skills and as a result, your dog will become more confident and comfortable in a variety of everyday situations both at home and in public.

The following exercises must be demonstrated during the length of the program and on at least 3 occasion before you can be assessed as competent.

1. Correct Selection, Fitting and Use of Training Equipment

2. Response to start and finish cues

3. Bridging Skills

4. Appropriate management skills

5. Health Examination

6. Leave a food distraction on request

7. Reaction to another dog (when social distancing no longer applies)

8. Go to mat and stay in a down position for one minute

9. Out for a walk

10. Close walk encountering a friendly stranger

11. Wait at a door or gate before being invited through

12. Tolerance to Separation under supervision

13. Come when called

14. Behave safely around vehicles

Finally, you will also be required to provide a health checklist completed by your veterinarian.

Pricing will reflect you & your dogs current skill


To be eligible for this award:

• Your dog must be 12 months of age or over.

• Ideally you should have previously attended a Delta Foundation Skills program of approximately 5-6 weeks to be eligible for the Canine Good Citizen™ award. This training may be as a class or private training program but must be with a Delta Institute trainer.

• You will need to supply evidence that your dog is microchipped, registered and vaccinated.

• You will need to bring to class or your private lesson appropriate treats and a treat pouch including poo bags.

• Your dog must be clean and well-groomed at every lesson.