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Snuffle Mats provide dogs (and cats and guinea pigs) an opportunity to use their most highly developed sense to sniff out hidden treats. This activity may reduce anxiety, slow down a fast eater or simply as a fun reward for your fur friend. Snuffler mats are excellent for the destructive puppy or the senior with limited mobility and all ages in between.

First time use: sprinkle dry kibble onto the mat while your dog is watching, over time increase the difficulty by placing the dry kibble between the fleece fabric strips.

This item should only be presented for short periods to avoid boredom and only under supervision to prevent accidental ingestion if chewed.

The snuffler is easy to make and available to purchase at many animal friendly retail outlets.

Dinner time –The traditional dinner bowl is boring, be innovative, use unwanted items in your home or scatter the food on your floor or suitable outside area.


Toilet rolls – don’t discard them to the rubbish bin.

Fill with kibble or treat and seal both ends.

Young people will enjoy decorating as a Christmas bonbon but be prepared to clean the mess!

Soft drink bottle

Use a clean, dry plastic soft drink bottle, remove the tamper seal and lid to avoid ingestion.

Make holes in the side of the bottle large enough for the kibble to disperse when nudged. Place a small portion of kibble inside bottle and present to your dog, moving the bottle to encourage interest.

Dogs love the scent & sound

Ideas are endless, we do not need to spend a fortune to entertain our fur friends.