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Friendships comprise of mutual respect, understanding, 

choice and affection​

Positively Pawsome Training Solutions was established in 2019 offering customized training plans, private behaviour consultations and group training programs. These services are provided both on and off-line.

We will guide you and your friend by presenting exclusively evidence-based, least-harm methods drawn from validated research in the fields of canine behaviour, learning theory and welfare. We use motivational techniques which include using markers, toys and food to train your dog - embracing and promoting their confidence.

Positively Pawsome Training Solutions is based in the Barossa Valley, but we can work with you no matter where you live. Training can take place anytime via the online training packages and we are available to contact personally Monday – Friday 11am-6pm South Australia time.

Sara Martin is the founder of Positively Pawsome Training Solutions. After many years of formal study & working professionally in this field she has achieved the most sought after dog training recognition in South Australia – RSPCA Force Free Recommended Trainers List - our states legal animal welfare organisation.


  • Certificate IV Companion Animal Services – Delta Institute
  • Certificate IV Companion Animal Services – Open Colleges
  • Low Stress Handling® Certified – Silver 2019 (Legacy of Dr Sophia Yin)
  • Scentwork Enrichment (Canine Principles)
  • Canine Good Citizen Award (Delta Society)
  • Canine Fear (Canine Principles)

Delta Institute members and the RSPCA Recommended Trainers require ongoing training, reviewing most current scientific research in this field, guaranteeing our presentation is up to date, practical and with least harm methods.

Sara is also a Dog & Cat Management Board approved trainer - she joins a team of less than 10 in South Australia.

Sara spent many years volunteering at animal shelters troubled by the excessive number of surrendered young dogs with big hearts and poor social skills. Her passion is to connect to many households; to educate every member; & to improve the lives of their canine companion.

Sara’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy – Gemma – is educating Sara! 

Every pup is an individual and our love, care and expectation should align with their needs.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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